East Side Conversion
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East Side Conversion

This young family wanted to expand the footprint of their small home by converting their underutilized garage into an office and guest house. The homeowners had previously attempted to convert the garage with an unqualified contractor who had given up when they ran into the first snag after a couple weeks of work. Otto revised the existing plans to better suit the future use — creating more open floor space, larger windows for light, and redesigning the kitchen to be both fully functional and minimally intrusive.

The Existing Conditions

  • The homeowner wanted a flexible space that could be rented to a family friend and later converted to an office.
  • The existing garage sat in the back corner of the lot and was downhill from the existing house, presenting both design and technical challenges.
  • When Otto was hired, a previous contractor had already started initial demolition work but had given up due to the site conditions, and the project had been sitting in limbo for 2 years with almost no progress.

The Design Decisions

  • In order to maximize the flexibility of the space, Otto used an open floor plan and pared-back cabinetry so that no single feature dominated the space.
  • Otto incorporated large openings and a light material palette to create a bright airy space despite the fact that the two sides were too close to the property line to add windows
  • The corner bath is the pièce de résistance — despite its small size, careful material selection and the addition of a window create a cheery occasion with details that connect it to the main space
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