Our Process

Let Otto handle planning, design, and permitting.
After you get permits, you can opt in for our hassle-free construction and project management service for peace of mind from start to finish.

Phase 1 / 4


In-person Site Inspection

Otto visits your property and analyzes its ADU potential. We identify various conditions (such as utility runs, grading requirements, and structural issues) that could impact cost.

Virtual Design Session

A Designer creates plan options that fit your space. Your Project Planner gathers your feedback and helps you select finishes and fixtures from our Design Decision Catalog. Transparent pricing makes it easy to lock in all of your project decisions.


When your design decisions are complete, Otto will provide you with a contract to move to Phase 2, and apply your deposit towards the next step!

What you get:

  • Site Inspection Report
  • Pricing Estimate
  • Comprehensive Scope of Work
  • Design Plan Incorporating all Design Decisions
  • Deposit Applied toward Phase 2
Phase 2 / 4


Detailed Drafting

Otto's Designers create a detailed drawing set for your project to prepare it for the permit submission. The set includes a site plan, building plans, elevations, sections, and 3D views. All of your Design Decisions will be considered and confirmed across each drawing.

Documentation Review

During your Documentation Review, you will have a chance to review your ADU and make any final adjustments to the design before signing off on it.

What you get:

  • Virtual Documentation Review Session
  • Documentation Review Drawing Set
  • Updated Pricing Estimate
  • Updated Scope of Work
Phase 3 / 4


Straightforward Permitting Process

Otto works with our network of engineers to make your drawing set permit-ready. We navigate the complexities of multiple municipal departments to get your project approved as quickly as possible. We're experienced in some of the most complex permitting jurisdictions including Santa Monica, Glendale, and Pasadena. We handle all of the city correspondence, while providing you progress updates through your Homeowner Portal!

Preparing for Construction

After your project has been permitted, Otto provides all the documentation needed to bid and build your ADU.

What you get:

  • Building Permits
  • Detailed, Construction-ready Drawing Set
  • List of Fixtures, Equipment, & Material Quantities
  • Updated Pricing Estimate & Scope of Work
Phase 4 / 4 • Optional


Bidding your ADU

You can also hire Otto to manage the entire construction process! We obtain exclusive bids from our vetted contractor network and select one to work with.

Contractors love working with us because we provide a steady stream of projects with a streamlined process, detailed drawings, a clear scope of work that doesn't change, and procurement assistance. This allows us to get better quality work for a lower price.

Construction Management

Otto regularly visits all of our sites to complete thorough inspections, and we use our Homeowner Portal and our Contractor Portal to share progress updates, track issues, and send communications.

What you get

  • Exclusive Bids from our Vetted Contractors
  • Transparent, Fully-managed Construction Process
  • Tracking of all Tasks & Communication via Portal
  • 1-year Warranty

“Otto turned our garage into a beautiful ADU and now our 97 year old grandmother can live closer to us.

John & Julie

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