Creative Studio
Artist & Instructor
2-Car Garage

Creative Studio

Looking to create a backyard creative studio, a makeup artist and yoga instructor asked Otto to transform their 2-car garage into a space they could use for their own practices and rent out to other local creatives. The client already hosted concerts, art shows, yoga classes, and other events, and wanted a designated space for these community offerings. Otto designed a clean, calm, open, and flexible space with abundant natural light, perfect for meditation, photo shoots, and everything in between. A folding patio door opens up nearly an entire wall, facilitating a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor space.

The Existing Conditions

  • The property is located on a corner lot with the garage facing the side street, providing great access to the unit without having to go through the lot—a bonus for both construction and future usage.
  • The structure’s existing foundation was undersized and needed to be reinforced.

The Design Decisions

  • A huge folding patio door opens up the space, allowing for maximum natural light and fresh air.
  • The vaulted ceiling with hip roof was a structural challenge, which Otto designers solved by adding metal support ties.
  • Custom kitchen cabinets fit perfectly in the space.
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